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LEON at your event

Red Carpet Event

Close-up Magic

LEON's close-up walk around magic can be the main spectacle,

the ice-breaker or additional entertainment at your event!

LEON at a wedding
LEON close up magic with a Celebrity

Stage Magic

LEON's stage performances can range from a quick illusion in front of everyone, to a full scale theatre show for 90 minutes with an interactive interval!
LEON uses audience participation, humour and bigger scale tricks in his show!

LEON the magician on stage doing a magic trick
LEON LIVE SHOW audience member on stage
LEON jumping up on the stage at The Magic Circle Theatre.
LEON the magician dressed smart at the Shard in London for a Close-up magic gig.
LEON the magician at a ping pong event doing his act.

Take a look at a documentary video of LEON doing his 'close-up magic' over 10 years ago on the streets of London!

Take a look at a video of LEON performing his act on stage!

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